"...is an amazing Spanish Immersion...


"Fiolina Early Learning is an amazing Spanish immersion childcare program and truly one of a kind.  I was so worried about leaving my daughter when I went back to work, but the first time she met Ms. CC she was instantly comfortable and snuggled right into her arms and I knew we had found the right place and the right person.  My daughter has been so happy at Fiolina and is thriving in her development.  Every morning, my daughter kicks her legs and smiles in excitement when we arrive and see Ms. CC and Ms. Yuli.  I always know she is safe and well taken care of.  Ms. CC and Ms. Yuli put their heart into their work with children, and it shows in everything they do.  They lead the children in nature adventures and spend lots of time outdoors, including in a garden.  They get to have lots of sensory time and explore with art and science.  Fiolina hosts family activities so that everyone in the Fiolina family can get to know each other and share their traditions, and this has helped build a wonderful community for the children.  We are so lucky to have found Fiolina, Ms. CC and Ms. Yuli.  I highly recommend this childcare."


"This is the most special day care...


"This is the most special day care you will find in Bethesda--hands down.  It is an in-home day care for infants through 4 year olds that operates with the whole child in mind during every part of the day. CC and Yuli are true educators at heart who are so thoughtful in how they plan each day. They are dedicated to the child experiencing all parts of nature/art, in all its messiness and glory. CC and Yuli believe in the child being an explorer and a natural scientist, and they lead with this philosophy as they implement activities and decorate the day care with items for the kids to experiment with. They even have a garden in the backyard which the children help plant, maintain, and eat from!
Fiolina is a standout day care for other reasons as well. The children do not remain in the home all day long.  CC and Yuli believe in going out and about.  The children are taking long walks each day, they go to two different play grounds regularly, and CC and Yuli even take them to the library for story time or just for fun.  Also, the communication cannot be beat.  Fiolina uses the app Brightwheel so the parents can get a good idea of how the day transpires with pictures, messages, notes about sleep/bathroom/eating and more.  CC meets with the parents twice a year for a Parent-teacher conference and, like a nursery school, reviews the child's skills, learning, and growth. They are real partners in the development of your child.
Finally, Fiolina is an extraordinary place because of the community CC and Yuli carefully build.  They hold family breakfasts and family celebrations for holidays and special occasions. We know the other children and their parents--it's a wonderful thing. CC and Yuli take Fall photos of the children and the class as well as family photos for Halloween and other events. Parents are encouraged to linger and be a part of the learning and fun--not just hastily pick up and drop off. Fiolina is a loving, nurturing, amazing place for baby/young child/and family.  We are so lucky we found this place."


"We love Fiolina...


"We love Fiolina and recommend it to anyone who lives close by. Our daughter has been so happy there and loves getting there each morning. Miss CC designs amazing activities to teach children new skills: they paint, they play with different textures, they walk to look at nature, they go to the library. This huge variety of activities keeps them engaged, happy, and learning at the same time. It is also good to see the children playing together and with children of different ages. Miss CC has put a ton of thought into how to run the program, and it shows. She takes such good care of our daughter. We are very happy and could not recommend Fiolina more highly"


"...the most caring and energetic child care educator...


"CC is the most caring and energetic child care educator you can find. She has taken care of our three boys for over 14 years. She will integrate science, the outdoors and Spanish into everything! CC is a rare find. Fiolina new home based program is amazing. Well thought, immaculate and know it will be filled with love."


"...Fiolina has been our absolute favorite...


"My family moves frequently, as such we have been in many different day cares. Fiolina has been our absolute favorite, Ms CC has treated our daughter like family. When we drop her off there is no crying, she is all smiles and happy to start her adventures for the day. Normally, when we leave a day care it is just part of our moving process, leaving Ms CC is going to be a sad day. I would highly recommend this early learning center to anyone looking for child care."

"Highly recommend Fiolina!


"Highly recommend Fiolina!  We employed CC for years, she is responsible, smart, loving and trustworthy.  Any child would be so lucky to go Fiolina!"

"My three children were beautifully cared by Ms. CC ...


She is a kind, compassionate, organized, intelligent person who is gifted at caring for and teaching children. As a busy pediatrician I needed to know my children were in capable and loving hands so that I could care for my patients. I am so happy that she works at this Early Learning Center so she can care for children the way she cared for my children."

Delicate Title

Delicate Title